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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Awakened by a stream of sun light I lay motionless as it peeked through the bedroom skylight. Bigger and brighter until eventually the puddles of light
swept across the entire room. I've been held up tight in this coccoon for quite some time now with each day passing much like the one before. Yet this morning felt different. It felt ok. As uncertain I am of the days to come... is time to write again. I will write for beautiful M, and for reason for watching the sunrise...

My Sunday Poetry Offering is for M - I wrote it the month she was born,
two days before my own birthday.

Full Circle Flower                

Your name, I do not know.
Yet, here you are, in my heart.
In the forefront of my dreams.
My arms embrace you,
My hand will guide you.
Through the rows of my garden.
And teach you the flower's names.
Will you call me Grandma?
Perhaps Nana or Grams.
I can hear your voice.       
The sound of your giggle.
Oh, years of the young,
Like the bud of a rose.
As it bares to blossom..
Your name, I do not know.
But a gift from God you'll be.
Grand-daughter to thee.
Enter this arbor;
My full circle flower,
May I watch you bloom,
While my garden grows golden.

D.K. (c) 2010              

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  1. Lovely poem! I've missed your entries- welcome back!