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Monday, September 26, 2011

Please, Please, Don't Eat those Mushrooms!!

Last evening the news ran a story about two people hopitalized in serious
condition from eating wild mushrooms. It happens more often than people would think according to an ER doc. These things can be extremely poisonous, and according to a friend...even the mushrooms that are perfectly
fine to eat, if you have never eaten them before, just try alittle piece first.
If you are going to have a reaction, your tongue will tingle. (that's good to know when ordering a dish with wild mushrooms!)  My great/grandmother and grandmother would go out picking wild mushrooms but my mother didn't care for them and I never learned how to distinguish good from bad.

My dear friend Kate told me she would pick wild mushrooms when they lived out in Washington State. Though they look neat..I wouldn't dare eat!
Kate said she now uses them for an art technique she does but about the only thing I did was take a few pictures of them before pulling them out so the dogs don't get to them. Especially this first picture. This 'shroom was a Biggie! So big I saw him from a 2nd floor window~ and for a split second thought -  Space Junk?
This baby is one of the biggest I've seen...about 7" across at least!

This weird looking disc I saw from the 2nd floor window

This little one was cute and delicate - probably deadly though! 


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