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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The End of Summer - yields down - hopes high!

For Me: It was NOT an exceptional summer for gardening. Seemed like no matter how much we watered that crusted earth, it was just as dry the next day. But, rather have the garden go dry then our well! We had a small yet decent crop of garlic, tomatoes, onions, beans, and some leeks. Thanks to a good deal of composting early this spring I was able to keep the herbs growing. Sadly, my cutting garden seemed to fizzle. The phlox never formed their usual large heads of pink and raspberry colors. My sunflowers and black eyed susans did not disappoint, yet even they succumbed earlier than usual with a shorter bloom period.  All those days of  95 + degrees and no rain. I can't imagine how bad it must be in Texas! I just planted black seeded simpson and mesclun mix seeds. I'm Glad I didn't do that last last week. Those seeds would have been washed out clear down to the creek!!
I believe these are 'Mop Head' Hydrangeas...I put the small pot last summer at
flea market. They bloomed all summer long...and really added color well after the
azealas and rhodis were done blooming.

 Good Bye Black Eye Susans

All of us gardeners plant each spring with such high expectations. I can't imagine how hard it must be for farmers whose lives pretty much depend on the cooperation of Mother Nature.  I highly applaud the farmers who grow certified organic fruits and vegetables. They really go to great lengths in order to bring a healthy and natural product to consumers. "Give me spots on my apples but leave the birds and the bees - please".  I began growing organic years ago, mainly because I couldn't afford all that 'stuff'!  I admit only to spraying my roses now and then. And yes, I spray anything that even remotely resembles like poison ivy!

I like sharing my yields with friends and neighbors but I've been thinking about adding a whole new row next season to share with the local food bank.

It's hard to believe; with all this beautiful farmland surrounding us, there could be families who don't have fresh produce on the table. But, there are... many! Fact is one out of every five families fall under the poverty level.
34% of our nation's children go to be hungry? In America - yes. I don't
want go into politics - the numbers are what they are. We can change that
by simply helping where we can. Planting an extra row would only be add tiny part to a very big picture. I'm going to bring the idea to the garden club this week, can't hurt - might help!

When I think about putting a few fresh organic veggies on a child's plate...
could there be any better reward for a gardener than that?

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