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Sunday, September 11, 2011

On this Day -

It is most befitting that our son Jimmie be where he is today, working with
with his colleagues atop the World Financial Tower, covering the Memorial to September 11th. For him, it was coming full circle.

On this day 10 years ago most of us knew exactly what we were doing when we first heard of the terrorist attacks. There are countless stories, some we'll never know. But rest assured they are as important to them as our stories are to us. I know where I was that day, down to that moment I knocked at my Chief's office door to advise him our country was under attack.

Things happened so quickly my head still spins whenever I think of it!  I knew my son was in New York. He called me and told me that a plane had struck one of the World Trade Center towers and that he was heading down there to meet up with the (NY1) news crew he was working with that day. He was a young kid, new to the business, and wanted that story!  I never heard from him the rest of the day. Not til very late that night. I sat in the Chief's conference room arm in arm with the detective's secretary. Her sister worked in the South Tower. No calls could get through, in or out of the City, not 'til much later that day. We all sat there in silence watching tv...hoping, praying.  I don't think people knew what to say to each other! We later got word from Kathy's sister. She decided to walk to work that beautiful September morning and was late! I finally got a
call from Jimmie....they couldn't get a news truck close to the Trade Center
so they walked. They were five blocks away from the first tower when it came down. They ran for their lives. Two lives spared among so many that were called home that day. It makes you wonder?

On this day - I knew instantly that husband Steve would be called to active duty with the Air Force. However, neither one of us could have predicted his service would be three years long, ending in Arlington, Virginia.  All said and done, here we are - 10 years later. Like all families we've had our personal losses but also several magical moments: weddings and babies. And there is nothing that renews ones spirit and the soul like the birth of a new baby.

On this day - most of us will put out our flags and attend our memorials. Some of us will recall the day with reflection...proud to stand beside a fellow brother or sister during each others own hours of anguish.  We reflect, respect, and most important.. pray that we never forget. Ofcourse with the natural passing of time, memories will slightly fade with the passing years. That is why we must look to the children...To the children of 9/11, whose young lives have already lived a  lifetime. Me must look to for their young souls.
And that we honor them as we honor their parents. For this day will 'always'
belong to them.

On this Day - we must take the children out of the shadows!

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