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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pumpkins + Garlic + Wine = Harvest Time!

The leaves haven't quite started to turn color but the pumpkins have been harvested! The sure fire way to know it's officially autumn: the fall festival! No matter where you live across the country within the month your town will host at least one festival of some sort. But whether they call it a Centerfest, Pumpkinfest, Harvest, Garlic, Wine, or Octoberfest, the fact is our towns need us! We need to be there, supporting local businesses as well as the vendors who pull into town and set up their goods. They all have one common goal: Make a living!

Never judge a book: I feel very fortunate to have had a conversation with this interesting guy. He was quite busy making kettle corn when I asked if I could
take a few pictures of the process but struck up a conversation when I picked
up on his Jersey accent. He told me he was a certified physical therapist just trying to supplement his income. Five years ago he had his own practice until
the big orthopaedic practices and hospital systems gobbed up his patients. Big practices now have their own sports medicine and PT clinics. It's a smart move for hospitals and surgeons, pretty convenient for most of us too. But it's lights out for small private practices who can't compete. This guy now guy works for a PT/Rehab Service, traveling around the Lynchburg area, and then travels on the weekends making his kettle corn. I shamefully admit to having a different profile of this man in my mind. (My mother's words "never judge a book" keep ringing in my ear!?)

I enjoyed my walk through Bedford's Centerfest. It was their largest ever with three band stages, venues for the kids. It had a great festive atmosphere! I'm so happy the rain held off and everyone; visitors and locals alike, were able to embrace the day. Together we shared the tradition of the harvest. I bought a couple pumpkins for the front porch and yes, I stood on line for some of that kettle corn..(and it was worth it!!)

Enjoy the pics! And if you get the chance, support your town's local fall happenings. Go to their Main Street farmer's market next week or mark your calendar for its annual fall festival whatever it may be. Our small businesses are desparately trying to survive and need us now more than ever. Our Main streets will die without our small businesses. If you still believe in Main Street, like I do, then drop the big box store every once in a while. Learn a local businessman's name next week. You may just find out it's one of the best things you've done in a while. For yourself, and for the Kettle Corn man!
It can't be a fall festival without these! 

Never judge a book by it's cover - or it's kettle!

Not being a huge popcorn fan myself...I had NO idea how popular Kettle Corn is and
was wowed by the line of people waiting for a bag!

The busiest folks on Main Street!

The clouds and dull sky never did lift but on the other hand the crowds turned up.
In three blocks I heard three different bands - country to classic rock.
There really was a little something for everyone.
 We need to keep Main Street alive and the small businesses who
make up our downtowns.

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