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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Circle of Stuff!

It was a quick trip to S.C. (picking up a car load of stuff from our daughter to bring up to NJ for our son's wedding -  they're flying/we're driving.)  It's ok to look like we may be moving - but I think it's going to look more like we're living out of the back seat! It'll be a tight squeeze but I'm sure everything will fit, it has to! Guess I've grown accustomed to having my space. Space like I never had before.

Our modest shore style cape cod house back in NJ was similar in size to this house with the exception of a garage and outbuilding which serves triple duty as a barn, my garden room, and husband's mancave workshop..arg!!!  That does make a difference. But after moving here and settling in the biggest difference I noticed was this house was practically void of any kids stuff!

There were no longer bicycles lying on the ground in the middle of driveway, or toys and books stacked up on each of the three steps that led up to the
landing of our staircase... just waiting for a passerby to take interest and bring them up or down!  Gone were the skateboards, surfboards, various sized boogie boards, and a vast variety of sports gear with the exception of my softball bat bag, which is neatly tucked away in the hall closet.

Everything else has either been turned over to its rightful owner (one of our kids), discarded if broken, or stored away in the barn.. somewhere! The toys and bicycles are gone although we've been entrusted to keep a few boxes
filled with an assortment of trophies, awards, scrapbooks, and yearbooks. All the memorabilia of childhood and adolescence. I can state with all certainty that our daughter holds the family title for the most boxes of "stuff".  Seems the boys have little or no emotional attachment to such things with the exception of maybe that game saving ball or set of special drum "sticks?"

For a while now; unless we become lazy, the stairs are free of clutter and we coast up the driveway at night without giving it a second thought. From the
day we moved into this house I felt there was more room than I knew what
to do with. Ahh, but then we came back from S.C.!  That's when I began to  notice the shift. So subtle I didn't notice it 'til now.

It began with the crib in the downstairs den where several furry creatures have
taken up residence. Next to the crib are two small riding toys. The corner of our great room has a box filled with blocks and a hodgepodge of toys and the
bookcase is sprouting a collection of childrens books. It's become an adventure to get past the high chair in the pantry but it really hit me when I went back
out to the garage. Hanging on the far wall is a stroller, car seat and plastic wading pool. Just below them is a new radio flyer, waiting to take its maiden voyage!
The "Stuff" is returning!! Making its way slowly into this house! Today I hung a fingerpainting on the bulletin board. Haven't done that in a very long time!
Isn't it Beautiful?  The once quiet corners of this house have been transformed by a new circle of life! It's a wonderful feeling! Finally, this house feels like home, merely by the simplicity of a little kid clutter. I never realized how much of my life was in all that stuff!


  1. Congratulations on your son's wedding!
    I don't miss the clutter of toys, but I miss the sounds of the girls when they were younger. Back then, someone was always talking to me and now I talk to myself : )

  2. Thank-you! Glad the wedding wasn't this wknd.
    There is 14" of snow where it will take place!
    Very unusual though..I know what you mean! I
    don't miss "all" the clutter - but I do miss certain things. Luv those fingerpaintings more than ever!